Monday, May 13, 2013

Add some rainbow to your layout!

Hi there and happy Monday~Sheila here!
One of the trends I have been seeing everywhere is rainbow, and it led me to want to try it out.   Let me show you what I did...
First of all, I think you can tell from my posts that I have been really into creating my own background paper, so I tried to do "rainbow" with that in mind.
First I selected some scraps in hues of the rainbow, and lightly glued one end of them down, not lining up the ends.

When I had a few down, I began to WEAVE some more rainbow colored strips in.  This was so fun...I think the last time I wove paper was in elementary school.

As you get them the way you like them, you can begin to slip a little glue under the edges to make it permanent.

So that is my basic technique.  This is how my layout turned out.

Some fun things for you to think about...I ripped the edges of my strips for added texture.

And then,my most favorite part of all---I wanted to add embellishments in rainbow hues too on top of the coordinating paper strips.  It was fun bc I really looked through all my stuff to find random red embellies for the red paper, random orange embellies for the orange paper, etc., and when I couldn't find one, I made one.  What a great way to rediscover what you have and use stuff up! Here is a closeup.

Here is another closeup:

For the hearts, all I did was punch them out, and color them in with watercolor pencil---then I ran a wet brush over them.  

And finally, my title "cluster".  Don't forget to add some brightly colored twine---and remember, twine doesn't have to be straight or just tied to something.  It looks pretty just sort of twirled around too.
I hope I have given you some fun ideas for using rainbow colors on your layout!

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  1. This looks wonderful.. I love the weaving and added embellishments!!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the weaving, the embellishments, the ripped edges... all of it!

  3. LOVE it!!! :) I have a stack of papers sitting out that I've been wanting to use in a rainbow fashion too. Sooooo cute!! :)

  4. Sheila! Thanks so much for the inspiration to use COLOR on my pages! I have tried the weaving technique in the past, and want to use it again now!