Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Designer Showcase: Fabulous Pet Pages

Hey everyone! It's Pam here. Before I share the designer showcase, I wanted to tell you about a fun thing we have on Monday! Heidi Sonboul's Signature Series book is out. I have seen layouts from it and it is soooo good and jam packed with ideas!!! Ideas for Scrapbookers is in participating in a special blog hop with giveaways to celebrate her book being out that whole week on her blog! Don't forgot to stop on back MONDAY, May 6th!

Onto the designer showcase topic of pets. It's no surprise I love pet pages. We currently have two dogs and two cats, so I am constantly looking for neat ways to showcase my animals! I am going to share with some great ideas today and some bright idea tips :) .

Up first is a cute kittie page by Sheila. There are many cool things about this page such as the photo, colors, and design. I like this color combination for the a pet page! It really makes the photo pop since the cat has some red and dark colors in it's fur.
BRIGHT IDEA #1: Use bold colored arrows to point to you photo or subject. Match the title to those triangle colors for a great look!

Cindy created this adorable bunny page. Her design is based on a sketch by Shannon White. I love bunnies so this is total cuteness to me! Checkout how many photos Cindy used and how she arranged the in a cool tilted way!!
COOL IDEA #2: Keep your page monochromatic with a only a green title to match the background of the photos. This creates an eye popping layout!

Next up is three great pages by Tanya! These are great themed pet pages! Each one tells it's own story which it so great to document. The first layout is showing a not such a good memory but one that should be told (I WISH I had taken photos of these events with my pets). The second page features watching OKC Thunder Basketball in NBA Finals last yeat and what fans the pets were. The third page features a fundraiser they all went to for Pet Rescue!
BRIGHT IDEA #3: Document themed pet pages. Get these events recorded and photographed! There are too many times I wish I had done this with pets before they passed. Carry a small disposable camera if you are afraid of ruining your regular camera.

Sharon is sharing our next page. This cute features a Halloween page along with a special bond between owner and pet. This color selection is great. The neat thing is how well it matched the dog! So many cool aspect to this!
BRIGHT IDEA #4: Capture those tender moments with your pet and you won't regret it. Photos like this are timeless, what is not to love about this!

Dolores is sent in these next two beautiful pages.The design and paper selection is great here. It captures the beauty of the pet so well! With flowers and dogs and soft colors, this captures my heart!
BRIGHT IDEA #5: Use soft florals for those super sweet pet pages you love. It captures a mood of love and sweetness!

Lesley created our last page.  I thing theme is of this page is so cool. I love how she followed the dog as it is waiting... and thinking "hurry up." Lesley took her the colors for her layout right out of her photos. This is another great way to make those pet photos pop.. notice how well the cute doggie stands out!
BRIGHT IDEA #6: Capture moments in sequence like this. Add things like "bones" to the page to signify what you think the pet is thinking ;) .

Love designer showcase? Tune in next Wednesday for another post with a new theme! Want to send in your pet pages to be showcased on blog? Simple email me at with your page and idea!

Cathy Dippolito
Dolores Schaeffer
Cindy deRosier
Marlene Murphy
Lesley Walker
Gael Spence
Sarah Routledge
Sharon Fritchman
Tanya Ham
Sheila Burns
Pam Callaghan


  1. I LOVE these pages! Such a great variety of styles and SO much inspiration!

  2. I agree, Cindy! Impossible to pick a favorite.

  3. Oh my goodness! These are very beautiful and heartwarming!

  4. I agree - LOVE all these pages!!!! Cindy's is so cool with just the hint of green, Sheila's arrows, Leslie's sequence. But my favorite hands down is the pic from Dolores with all the balls!!! Too funny!!! Loved this week's designer showcase, it was right up my alley! Hope we do it again sometime! Looks like everyone loves their pets like I do! :)

  5. Wonderful layouts...all of them! So inspired to do a pet layout or two. Hugs, Kathy