Friday, May 10, 2013

Sarah's Mixed Media Demonstration

With all the mixed media being used on layouts lately, I thought it might be nice to show all my scrappy friends a little demonstration of some different mediums! They are super fun to use and can have such an impact on your scrapbook pages. For this demonstration, I've used six different mediums and a Prima mask to show their different effects:  1. Gesso, 2. Light Molding Paste, 3. Modelling Paste, 4. Heavy Gel Medium, 5. White Texture Effect, and 6. Sparkle Texture Effect. The paint brush and 'credit card' are what I used to apply the mediums to the paper.
To start out with, I taped my stencil over my paper to make sure it didn't shift during the process of applying the media.
I then applied the different media to the appropriate sections of the page. I sponged the gesso on using the sponge brush - this gives the gesso a nice textured effect. I scraped the thicker media over the stencil using the 'credit card' - this is the easiest way to spread the medium fairly evenly.
Here is what the different media look like once they're dry.
And some close-ups of each of the different media so you can get a better idea of their effects on the page.
1. Gesso

2. Light Molding Paste

3. Modelling Paste

4. Heavy Gel Medium

5. White Texture Effect

6. Sparkle Texture Effect
Finally, I misted everything with a light coat of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist so that you could get an idea of how the different media react to misting!
I hope you liked this little Mixed Media demonstration and that it inspires you  give some different media a try on one of your scrapbook pages!


  1. This is great!! I've always wondered about the differences between the various products. Thank you so much for such a clear demonstration of what each can do!!

  2. Sarah! This post is awesome!! I really love how you showed the difference between the various mediums!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  3. This is AWESOME! I LOOOVE texture effects :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this post!
    Now I see the difference and may not be so intimidated in trying different kinds of mixed media. Nice the see the different textures.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for sharing, there is so much MM around now it gets a bit confusing what each one does!!

  6. I like the way you laid it all out---had no idea there was so much! I have some gesso and some modelling paste, and now I am gonna try it!!

  7. Thanks Sarah for a great post. I love how well you demonstrated the various mediums. This makes me want to go and do a MM layout so I can play.

  8. Loved seeing all of those mediums side by side, it really spells it out.