Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Designer Showcase: Occupation

Can you believe that this coming weekend is Labor Day here in the states?  Me either!  To help celebrate, our Designer Showcase this week has the theme of "Occupation".  You are going to really enjoy the artists interpretations this week.  So sit back and get ready for some inspiration.

My husband is an Emergency Management Director and Fire Marshal.  He loves his job! With the recent events of Hurricane Irene, he has been a very busy guy!  In his "free" time, he is also a volunteer Fire Chief.  He enjoys doing this and giving back to the community.  I created this layout to show how very proud I am of what he does. I used gradients and blending to create the background with photos from over the years.

Cindy has shared this really cute layout about her career. She went from being a teacher to being a stay-at-home-mom.  I think that is the most awesome promotion!  I really like the way her design with the strip of striped paper going across the page, leads your eye from the class photo and brings your attention to the beautiful photo of her with her son.

This layout from Heather makes me chuckle!  First off, isn't it just so cute in it's design?  Heather is always great at taking linear designs to a new level. She combines the square and rectangular pieces of paper with a few circles, stars and elements to add interest and dimension.  The title and her journaling has me laughing!  "The Chicken Tamer"!!  I can just see her son running about chasing those chickens!

As we were preparing for this theme it really got me to thinking about some of the things in life that we may neglect in our scrapping. The everyday things that we take for granted. It's important to record them too.  Don't forget to take some time and make up a page about what occupies your time.  It may be your career, or a hobby, or volunteer work, it could be about homeschooling or being a part of the Parent-Teacher group, reading books to your children, or even scrapping! Anything that you or a loved one spends time doing deserves to be recorded and remembered.  Even if it is chasing chickens!  Go ahead and take the time to make up a page about it. You won't regret it!

We love to see what you have made. And we love to share them, If you've been inspired by this, email your projects to me and I will include them in an upcoming Reader's Pages post. Email to me at scrappycath(at)gmail(dot)com and put "Occupation" as the subject.


  1. I love the layouts! It's fun to see how different the interpretations of Occupation are. Why didn't I learn about Chicken Tamer during Occupation Week back in school? Might have changed my life!

  2. Your layout of your husband is wonderful! Needs to be framed-not just in a album.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cathy,

    I love that page about your husband. He sounds like such a giving person!


    It takes a special person to be a chicken tamer. I'm thinking not everyone qualifies... I know I don't! LOL