Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Flower Girl Sketch

Good morning ladies! I'm dropping by again with another sketch to share. This time I worked backwards to create the sketch. I took my completed layout and opened it in Photoshop, then I drew the shapes on top of it to create the sketch. I had never done it that way before so I had a blast trying it. I think I'll stick to my more traditional designing the sketch first and THEN scrapping, but it's always fun to try new things right? Here is the layout that I used for the inspiration for my sketch...

I also took a detail photo of a the flower that I made because it was cloudy and the overall photo of the layout wasn't that clear. Sorry about that! The weather here has been miserable lately!

 This is the sketch. If you'd like to save the sketch just right click on the image, and then click "Save As".

Special thanks to Suzanne and Susan from Flamingo Scraps for sending me the paper I used in this post. (I did a guest blog post for them earlier this week!)