Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Designer Showcase: Border Punch Projects

One of my favorite tool introduced in the scrapbook industry is border punches! They are so fun and easy to work with and add such a COOL touch to the page. There are so many types of border punches from so many different manufacturers! I am sharing some of the contributor's border punch projects for inspiration ... so you can see the wider variety of styles!

Nancy created two neat pages using border punches! Check out she used them on the bottom or side of a piece of patterned paper or ribbon. She punched the borders out of patterned paper which is a cool effect! I love how well it defines the page.

Dolores created one traditional paper page and one digital page! I love how beautiful each one turned out. As you an see in the first page she used it was a border for her main paper block.  The next pretty page, Dolores shows us that you can use digital ones as well! She used the border punch all the way around and on the side. The digital borders are by Julie Billingsley and are called "punchy squares" and "Punchy Edges" and you can purchase them at Sweet Shop Designs. 

Heather created the next super fun page. In this design, Heather used the border as single piece extending out from the page. She also dressed up her punch with a rub-ons .. what a cool idea because it looks like she bought it that way! Give this a try!

Cathy shows us that border punches are not just for pages but you can use them to make stunning cards! Cathy uses a few different border punches on the cards. Can you spot them? Check out how cool it makes each card and how well it accents the design!!

Get out those punches and get ready to create some beautiful projects!


  1. I'm in love for my border punches, it's a great tool!

  2. Great layouts girls! Thank you so very much for sharing!