Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adding Glitter

Here is a quick demo on some ideas for adding glitter to your projects.  Glitter is something you can put on just about anything!  You can add it to a pre-made embellishment to kick it up a notch or you can use it to create your own embellishment.  

TOMBO Aqua Liquid Glue is my all time favorite for adding glitter. I love it because it has a fine point tip at the top or a wide flat tip at the bottom so you can get the right about of glue for your need.  I also love that is is clear and I never have a problem with the glue 'gunking up'.
I suggest getting a tray or a paper plate to collect your excess glitter so that it can be put back in the bottle. 
I am using the wide flat end of my glue stick to add glitter to the ends of my flowers peddles. I squeeze out some glue and then with the tip of the bottle push the glue around.
Then with the the flower in my collecting tray I add the glitter to the spots where there is glue. Once all the glue areas are covered tap off access glitter.
The glitter adds a nice touch!

Here is another way to add glitter to a project. This is Red Line Craft Tape and it is a double sided tape.  This tape comes in a verity of widths and it also can be purchased in sheets so that you can make your own shapes.

I wanted to add some some glitter to this card so I put the tape on and then peeled the top side off.  I put my card in my collecting tray and added glitter. Tap off the excess glitter and your done!

Have fun adding glitter to your next project!


  1. Thanks for the tips and I really like that card!

  2. I like the use of the tacky strip! TFS

  3. /great card! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  4. I always forget about using the tacky strips! Thanks for the reminder!