Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

How many of you are in shock when you realize that Thanksgiving is next week?  Yeah, that's me!  I was making up my weekly grocery list and it hit me!  Yikes!!  I've no idea where this year has gone. I know they all seem to go faster than the previous one, but seriously, this one has been the blink of an eye.

That may be because we have had a really wonderful year.  Sure we've had some tough times, but overall, we have been very blessed.  What better time than Thanksgiving to dwell on those blessings?

So I'm here today to share an idea with you to help your family celebrate your many blessings.  Whether you are in the States celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, or anywhere and just want to reflect on some wonderful memories and special things in your lives.

A few years ago I used craft and scrapbook supplies to make this wall hanging.
The clip on the side holds strips of paper. I just save some from crafting projects to use.  We hang this up each November. Throughout the month we each write some things that we are thankful for on the strips of paper.  We then tuck them inside the pocket on the middle of the wall hanging.  We tuck them in so the writing doesn't show.  Then on Thanksgiving, we take turns reading them and guessing who wrote each of them.  It's a special way to bring the family together, recall some great times that we have had, reconnect, get to know one another better, and take time to give thanks for all that we have.

To make this, I used a piece of corrugated cardboard (it was from a pack of scrapbook supplies that I ordered!). I peeled the top layer of some of the cardboard to expose the "ribs" below and give a distressed look.  I inked up the edges a bit.  I adhered a 12x12 piece of cardstock on the cardboard.  I did some painting and faux stitching around the edge.  In the center I created a pocket from coordinating cardstock then embellished it.  I adhered a small clip to the side to hold the blank strips of paper.  Punch one hole on either side of the top and secure eyelets in them.  Thread some ribbon through to use for hanging it up.  Tie off the ends of the ribbon and hang it up in a central location in your home.

I hope you are having fun preparing for the holidays and giving thanks for the blessings in your life!

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