Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Card Ideas!

I love making cards for friends and family.  They are always well received and have a personal touch that people appreciate.  I have been making some Thanksgiving cards and wanted to share with you some of my creations.   I will try to share a little bit of what I did on each one to spur your imagination with some card making possibilities.

For this card I decided to use slightly different colors than traditional and incorporated a blue with the orange and brick red.  I stamped the background paper picking up colors from my stripe paper.  I liked repeating the leaf shape in the background. The maple leaf is a die cut.
One this card I chose to use a base for my stamped greeting and die cue shapes that had torn edges.  To emphasize the appearance of the torn edges I colored them with chalk.  The fuzzy edge of the paper holds the chalk well so it was very easy. 

Patterned paper always makes a nice background for cards and are very simple to put together quickly.  I added a textured ribbon along with my die cut shapes and it was complete.

This card has a little more contemporary look.  The background is a paper with a gradient color change and it shows off nicely the die cut aspen leaves.  My greeting is simply printed on cardstock from my computer.
This card has a fun look with the bright pumpkin and the blowing leaves.  The pumpkin is real easy, just check out Lisa's instructions for "Perfect Pumpkins" here.  I distressed my pumpkin edges to really make the layers stand out.

My last card has a little more classic look.  The background is stamped and embossed with Zing Chestnut embossing powder.  The embossing really made the design pop on the warm yellow paper.  I hope these cards have given you some ideas for creating some quick and beautiful greeting cards of your own.


  1. Beautiful cards, Dolores! Love how you used the die cuts!

  2. Your cards are beautiful Dolores! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  3. Love your cards... Thanks so much for sharing the instructions for "Perfect Pumpkins".