Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photo Effects by Cindy C.!

Happy Saturday! We have a great post by a previous contributing artist, Cindy.  She is sharing some really cool free photo effects that you can get online. I think that these are so fun, so if you have time, give a try! Here is her post and examples of the photo effects! Check back tomorrow for a whole list of fabulous free sites!!

For so long now, I have been telling myself that I need to purchase Photoshop, or at least Photoshop Elements. just hasn't happened yet. So for the last several years I have been using the iPhoto program that came with my computer, and the free Google Picasa. The editing options from these are actually fine (probably why I have not spent the extra money for Photoshop), but the effects are a bit limited. However, I recently came across another free site that has so many really cool editing effect options. The site is, and it really is worth a visit. They have over 100 options that are free, in addition to more that you pay for (I was only interested in the free ones). Some of the things you can do are turn your photo into a cartoon, a watercolor painting, an oil painting, a pop art painting, or even a black and white drawing. Here are some before and after editing photos for examples:

Original photo

Underpainting 1 option

Watercolor 1 option

Cartoonizer 1 option

 Pop Art 1 option

 Oil Painting 4 option

Inkify 2 option

Gouache 1 option

Underpainting 2

Sunburst 2

Here are some more using the Underpainting 1 and 2 options - I think these are some of my favorite options:

I hope you have as much fun with this site as I did!


Give this a try ;)


  1. Try also. It is similar to Befunky but offers other Free photo editing options.

  2. so many fun effects. thanks for sharing.

  3. Very cool post! Thanks so much for sharing that site!

  4. oh thank you for this info.. i usually go on picnik but it is pretty limited too..will go and have a look at this site..

  5. so cool...will add this to my faves!