Monday, May 24, 2010

Ribbon Storage Ideas and Solutions

There are so many different ways to store and display ribbon. Many of the contributing artists were generous enough to share their storage solutions when I asked them. In this post, you’ll notice that none of our storage is the same! We all had different functional ideas to share.
I love Pammy’s idea to wrap her ribbon around thin chipboard! Here’s what she had to say:

“I have to keep all of my ribbon in a bin in my cabinet because I have two cats.” “For ribbon that is loose I tie it around thin chipboard cardstock like the second photo.”

Nancy’s storage is so pretty, and super organized! Here’s what she had to say about her ribbon stash:
“My clip it up has baggies with ribbon cards holding some of my faves, all adhesive backed ribbon and laces.” “This makes it easy for me to find exactly what I am looking for.” “I am short on space, and this doesn't take up as much as a wall mounted system might.” “I can easily pick this up and move it to my work table.” “The ribbon purse holds extra.”

I love how Cathy used paper clips to hang part of her storage system. So creative! Here is her take on ribbon storage:
“I have ribbon stored in 3 ways.” “I have wire shelves above my scrap desk.” “I created a hanging rod from a dowel that was left over from one of my boy’s school projects.” “I hung it from the wire shelves using paper clips.” “I hang spools of ribbon on this that are too big to fit in my other storage areas.” “I also have a cube drawer with ribbon stored in it.” “And then I have 3 ribbon boxes stacked on the wall.”

For my own ribbon, I came up with some rather compact storage. I don’t have a ton of space! I scrap in a tiny corner in my bedroom so I had to think vertical!
I created files to cut with Sure Cuts A Lot software that look like this.

I cut them out of thin chipboard, and threaded my ribbon through the rectangle openings. Once I had all of my ribbon threaded, I put it all up on a simple cup hook that you can get from any hardware store.

If you would like to download the .svg file that I made for your own use, you can download here.

I’m the type of person that is more likely to use a supply if it’s right in front of me, so having all of my ribbon hanging right in front of me next to my bulletin board makes me use it much more! Plus, I think it looks pretty! It cheers me up every time I see it. The ribbon slides out easily when you need to use it as long as you don’t overfill the threading openings.

I store ribbon pieces that are less than 6 inches long in a clear plastic storage case. I find that if you put all of the tiny scraps on the cup hook, it gets too bulky. I can sort through my small plastic case and find tiny pieces quickly and easily!


  1. Cool storage ideas!!! I have my ribbon on the spools they came on in those clear acrylic narrow drawer organizer containers. I have two of those.. I don't have much ribbon, so it works well.

  2. I store mine wrapped on a thread floss plastic thingy (not sure how to describe them) and then placed in a row in a clear divided craft box. The dividers allow all the ribbon to stand up even if you take one or two out :)

  3. Great ideas.... I have a question - in the photo showing the cup hook... how do you have your stickles hanging?

  4. Heather - You're right, I don't have a lot of ribbon - compared to you! WOW! Love your storage idea - makes a great display!

  5. LOL Cathy, I think Nancy has us both beat though!

    Christina, I have seen those boxes, that's a super cool idea!

    Christine, I'm going to your blog to give you my answer!

    Michelle, Thanks for sharing how you store your ribbon!