Thursday, May 13, 2010

Using Deco Scissors

Have you ever looked at most of your earlier scrapping stuff and thought, "Now what can I do with this?" Well, I looked at my deco scissors and thought that same exact question. I know a lot of us have seen many cute decorated edge papers. I don’t have many lss around here anymore to buy those papers. Here is what I did. I took my deco scissors

and a piece of scrap paper.

After I was done, I added the nicely decorated paper to my 4x6 page to get this finished outcome.

You know the ideas are endless here with the scissors. My next thing is to try making a frame with my deco scissors.


  1. I just pulled out all of my deco scissors with the intention of using them more!! You CM mat is well loved!! ;)

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! My big pack of deco scissors had long ago been moved into the kids art and craft stash. I had started thinking of them as out dated and no longer "trendy" enough for me to use! lol
    Now the kids will have to wait till I'm finished with them to use them now!!
    Thanks again! xx

  3. My problem with these scissors is I can never tell if I'm cutting straight! But this is a good way of using them where it really shouldn't matter if it's straight or not. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I still use my deco scissors a lot! LOL I thought I was the only one who did still!