Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Products Represent Your Scrapbook Style?

Today I am issuing a blog "challenge" to those who are interested! If you want to play along do a blog post about what products represent your style and why? You can read my answers below to see which ones I chose. If you come back and link your blog post, I will add it to this page :) I hope to see you play along, it's fun to see people's answers. To use the image type I used (which is way easier than uploading images), go to the full product description for the product at Underneath the photo of it is the share button. Click on that and a box will pop up. The Html code will be clicked. Copy and the link and come back your blog. You will need to enter this on your Html. Go to "edit Html." Paste that link and you are done!!

Check out Monica's blog for her products here.

When I say what products represent your style what do you think of? Check out my gallery to see. For me it's about four main categories. The first thing I think of is linear and repeat patterns. For instance I rarely ink and usually have clean lines. I also use a lot of repeat patterns, like photos in a row, buttons in a row, etc. Here are products that gravitate towards.

Lily Bee Design - Hello Sunshine Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Fly A Kite, BRAND NEW

The next thing I usually gravitate towards are shapes! I love big shapes, small shapes, any shapes :)

Sometimes on my scrapbook pages, I like to change it up and use some eclectic papers and designs! I usually try to pair that up with my linear style. Here are some examples.

Lastly is KRAFT + COLOR!! I love combining the two!


  1. I love to play along on your blog challenges. What an interesting question to ponder. I was surprised where it lead me. :) Here is my link.

  2. Great choices Pam. I have recently re-activated my account at so I am going to check out your gallery there soon.