Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Tree Template Example

Wow, time really does fly because tomorrow's already Friday! By the time we know it, it's going to be Christmas week. Anyway, I wanted to share some Christmas inspiration with all of you. Remember that Christmas tree template we shared with all of you? Well, if not, it can be found here(highlight "here" and insert the link for that template).

I decided to use that template for a Christmas photo that was taken many many years ago. Here's what I came up with:

So, what do you think?! Cute, right?! :)

If you use this template, send it over to Pam, and we'd LOVE to feature your page on the blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by.



  1. Suoer cute! Love the little presents under the tree too!

  2. Sarah, this is super cute! I love this template and plan on using this also!

  3. Soooo cute! I love this template! And that layout rocks!

  4. An awesome take on Pammy's template. Your choice of embellies is so fun! And such a clever idea to use the journaling blocks as gifst.

  5. Just too cute Sarah! I LOVE the presents under the tree and the way you did your title!