Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Salvage a Page gone wrong!

Hi, this is Anupama Choudary and I want to show you an easy way to rescue a page that has gone south!!!
This is how I started with my layout.

After picking the dominant colors from my photograph, I had fun with acrylic paints covering a patterned paper randomly.

I then used a cityscape stamp with black ink several times.

Experimenting with a ticket stamp and tissue tape!

Masking/ misting with a chevron template in different colors  

I made a title banner and then realized that the page was not coming together :(
Just before binning it, I changed my mind and decided to do some fussy-cutting to salvage the page.

On a white cardstock, I adhered the cropped cityscape and title banner with 3-dimensional tape. I used the piece of pp previously treated with the chevron pattern to mat the photo. I added a few Kraft die-cut embellishments.

A few splats of paint and there you have it....
a totally COOL page!

 Think twice before rejecting a page. You can always pick your favorite elements from it and redesign a new layout around them!


  1. Great job salvaging that page!

  2. Awesome! LOVE the finished page!

    And I have to share... it took me about 10 minutes to figure out what you meant when you said "binning it." I dismissed it as a typo when I read it ("Could she mean binding it? Or pinning it? No, neither of those make sense..."). I walked away to do something else and then realized, "Oh! Trash bin! Throwing it out!" So funny! I'm guessing that now that I figured it out I'm going to start seeing "binning it" everywhere. Isn't that the way it works?!

  3. this is excellent ,love the way you moulded your page in new page.