Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Designer Showcase: Focus on Journaling

Today I am sharing pages with journaling. Journaling is important because it tells the story of your photos. In the pages below, you will see the various types of journaling and I hope you will be inspired to create some projects!

Up first is Heather! She created these two fabulous pages and used handwritten journaling. You can see how neat her handwriting is! You can also see how she made it to fit in the exact space she wanted.

Susan created this next page. She created a two page layout and used a whole section for her journaling. You can see how much work she put into this page in both the journaling and the design.

Sarah created these next two cute pages. You can see that she used her handwritten journaling as well as some word stickers on the top layout. The second one has her journaling above and below the photos! So cool!

Cathy created three beautiful pages to share! The first page had hidden journaling. You pull up on the tab and access the journaling! In the last example, Cathy shares how to use lots of journaling in a cool way.

I am sharing a couple of pages with you! In this first one, used pre-made circle journal path and created my journaling around the circles (you can find the text path here). In the second example I made my text fit in the exact space that I wanted using the computer.

I hope you are inspired by these examples! Do you want to share your favorite journaling tip and page with readers? Send me an email at and I will feature your page!


  1. These LOs are all fantastic! I'm especially liking Heather's Family Food LO and Cathy's Java LO! Great job everybody!

  2. These are ALL so wonderful!! Beautiful photo, Cathy!! I love Coneflowers! Pam, that is my fav LO of yours!! I just love the colors and the photos are wonderful!!

  3. i only just found your blog and i'm so glad i did. these are some absolutely gorgeous pages!

  4. Susan's 2 page layout is so nice.....the background paper and the computer journaling makes it look so professional.

  5. Wow, such awesome pages by all the designers!! I especially like Sarah's second page and your second page Pamela! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. Awesome layouts girls! It's so neat to see everyone's take on the same topic.

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