Monday, October 22, 2012

Tuxedo Card - Revisited

UPDATE: I've added a link to download the PDF version of the templates for those that want to hand cut. Download the PDF version HERE

Way back in 2007 I made a Tuxedo card for a friends wedding. I hand cut it. Then recently, I got an email from a blog reader asking me about that card. She mentioned that she has a Silhouette Cameo. So, I decided it was time to revisit the Tuxedo Card.

This is the original card that I created. The reader that contacted me is trying to make this card for each of the groomsmen in her wedding party. No bride-to-be should have to suffer through hand cutting these pieces when they've got a Cameo. And since I'm a new Cameo owner myself, I thought I'd whip up a .studio file for this card to make her task that much easier. And guess what? I'm sharing it with all of you!  You can download it HERE.  In return, I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to become a follower of my blog Scraps of Life and like my Facebook page.

Here is the new card created using the .studio file that I created. Now here is how to assemble the card:

1. Download .studio file to cut using your Silhouette electronic cutter.

2. Cut shapes using black and white cardstock as appropriate. Cut lapels using velvet cardstock (optional). Or cut lapels from black cardstock and apply embossing or flock powder and heat emboss. I used embossing powder since I don't have any velvet paper.

3. Fold back (slightly) the back of the black jacket on the dotted lines.

4. Fold down the shirt collar corners on the dotted lines.

5. Insert mini black brads for the buttons on the shirt front. Or use self adhesive pearls as buttons.

6. To make the bow, cut ⅝” wide red ribbon to 3.5”, then fold the short ends under to make a 1 ⅛” loop.

7. Pinch the center and wrap thin wire around it. Cut another 1" piece of the ribbon. Fold and adhere the long edges toward the middle on the back of the ribbon. Then wrap this around the wire of the bow tie and adhere the ends on the back. Adhere the bow tie to the white shirt.

8. Align the shirt with the back of the jacket and adhere in place.

9. To make the cummerbund, cut 3 pieces of the ribbon at 3" length. Fold and adhere one long side of one ribbon piece toward the back. Repeat on a second ribbon piece. On the third ribbon piece, fold and adhere both long sides under toward center of back of ribbon. Lay the 1st piece with the folded edge at top, then layer second piece of ribbon with folded edge slightly below 1st. Place 3rd piece of ribbon (both edges turned under) to line up with bottom edge of cummerbund. Adhere all in place.

10. Adhere the cummerbund to the bottom of the white shirt, hiding the seam; trim any excess ribbon.

11. Refold the dotted lines on the back of the jacket (slightly) to make the card easy to open.

12. Adhere the two small white pieces of cardstock to the bottoms of the sleeves to make shirt cuffs. Adhere the sleeves to the jacket back, placing the adhesive on the top half only (from shoulder to just below elbow).

13. Adhere lapels to the front pieces of the jacket using thin foam adhesive.

14. Set two black brads through the right piece of the jacket. Adhere the pieces to the jacket back, placing adhesive on the sides only. Be certain to tuck under the lower part of sleeves.

15. Refold the dotted lines on the back of the jacket.

You can also dress up the lapel with a boutonniere if you like.


  1. OMG!! This is a great card!! I don't have a Cameo, could you share a PDF with the pattern? I know it's a lot to ask but this is so great ;)

  2. Wow...wish I had a cameo!!! Love this card.

  3. wow this is awesome!!!

  4. how about an svg file so us non cameo users can print it out of our cricut :) please

  5. I love this and can't wait to try it...thank you co very much!!!

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