Saturday, October 27, 2012

Heat Embossing

Hi it's Lesley here! Love using the resist method of heat embossing with distress inks, I have done a sample of this here.
You need to have the following:  a couple of pieces of scrap paper for ease of using the embossing powder, stamps, embossing powder ( if your choice of stamp is detailed, you will need to use 'fine' embossing powder for best results), a anti static cushion, and a glue ink pad such as 'Versamark'.

 The anti static cushion should be rubbed over the entire area that you will be applying your embossing powder and is used to stop any powder staying on the page in any area other than where the ink has been applied.
There is nothing worse than applying heat to your embossing to see little flecks of stray powder outside the design area which cannot be removed.  I also tap the page with my finger over the piece of scrap paper to ensure any excess is removed.  Gently shake the embossing powder over the stamped area as soon as you have stamped, the glue dries quite quickly.  Shake any excess powder that doesn't stick to the stamped area, on to the scrap paper (this can be held in a funnel shape and poured back into the embossing powder container).  Apply the heat gun not holding it too close as it will scorch easily.

You can see in the above photo the embossing is showing up nice and clearly.

And I have now added distress ink blending from the outside in.  It does not take to the embossed area as the embossing ink resists the ink, if you think the embossing isn't showing up clearly you can carefully give it a quick wipe of with a diaper cleaning wipe.

I have complete the page by keeping the embossed background as my feature.  I have used a Chevron mask and added some further embellishment whilst keeping the embossed area clear.
Give it a try it can really make plain paper look very nice, adding black embossing works really well especially with pastel inks blended over and around it.

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