Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hi this is Lesley, today I've done a double page layout with a twist.  Instead of being side by side I've done the pages on top of each other.  To achieve this you have to actually cut the plastic sleeve of the top page so you can open it down the middle.  You need to design the top page to enable it to be cut down the middle and then after popping your completed page  in the sleeve the edges can then be cut.  What I did was pop just a few discreet spots of glue along both edges so the page is held firmly within the sleeve after its been cut.  Note: you need to use glue that dries clear.

This is the view with the top page closed over on top of the bottom one.

I used my Cricut a lot on this page, and used the cartridges, Walk in the Garden for the Caterpillar, Country Life for the Vegetables and Fruit.  I also cut the font for the title using cartridge Country Garden.  The paper used is plain bazzill cardstock.

This is showing the front page opened up to reveal the back page and the insides of the front page which show the full story in this case, of my grandson Will's Birthday Party in the park which was themed on the Hungry Caterpillar.  The red frame on main photo was also cut on the Cricut using the cartridge Elegant Edges.

You can now see a close up of the main page which was previously hidden behind the front themed page.

To join these pages together you need to used terrifically tacky tape or a very firm tape and run it down the side with the eyelets but not covering the holes of course, press the left side down firmly with the cut part facing up.  With the right hand side you need to put this in a separate sleeve so you also have the edge with the eyelet holes down it.  Only instead of sticking this on top (as the bottom page only has the eyelet strip down one side which you've already used), you fold the strip with eyelets in it towards the back, and again using the tacky tape, adhere it to the back of the bottom page so it can then be folded over to the front to close against the other half.

I hope that is clear, it is a good way to include multi photos whilst at the same time running a theme through it, sort of like a story book.  I apologize for the photos have a glare on them but as the pages are glued into the sleeves I was unable to take them out to photograph, thanks for looking.

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  1. Very unique! I love the way it opens! My son's 1st birthday party had a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme too. :)