Monday, October 8, 2012

Product Review

Hi, it's Marlene to share my opinion of a new product I recently purchased.  I love working with grid designs and am particular about everything lining up so a tool to assist getting things straight is interesting to me.  A couple years ago, I bought a laser square by Westscott, it was about $20 and works ok, but uses hearing aid batteries and they last such a short time that it isn't worth the effort.   When I first saw the video from the summer CHA convention,  the KellyCraft "Get-it-Straight" Laser Square was intriguing, but the price ($90) made me think twice about an order.   My research showed that it operates with a 9 volt battery which solves the short battery life issue I have with my other square and I do like things lined up and admit to being a tool junkie, so I bought one.  It does work well; the light is bright and, so far, is economical with the battery, and the slide function glides smoothly and stays in place.  It would be better if there was another light at a 90 degree angle, things could really be lined up with intersecting vertical and horizontal lines.  I don't get the "LaserSkins", which are just fancy covers, at all and did not buy any.  All in all I am happy with the product, but my first instinct was right, it is too much money for what you get, half the price would be fair and reasonable.
Here is how it works.  
This is a page I made using it.  Now if I could get something that will take a straight photo, I'll be all set.  Photo two


  1. TFS Marlene! I had no idea that such a cool tool was available. I can never get anything straight but have learned to live with it!

  2. Interesting! I usually just eyeball stuff, but when it really matters I've used my husband's laser level from the garage. Works like a charm!

  3. i asw this gadget at a scrapbook expo,loved it