Friday, May 11, 2012

A Two-Page Sketch by Cindy

Once upon a time, all of my scrapping used to be two-page layouts.  I liked having the facing pages in an album go together.  Also, I hadn't quite learned that you don't need to scrap all the photos you take.  Two-page layouts seemed like to best solution to scrapping a lot of photos.

Now, many years later, most of my scrapping is one-page layouts.  It doesn't bother me that the facing pages in an album don't go together, nor does it matter to me that I don't scrap even close to all the photos I take.  I've found that I like working with a 12x12 square more than I like working with a 12x24 rectangle.

But once in a while, I do make two-page layouts.  I decided to make a sketch for a two-page layout:  

We spent a week in Disneyland last November.  I took about 600 photos.  I narrowed those down to 14 and made this layout:

Any fans of two-page layouts out there?  Let me know if you use my sketch.  We'd love to feature your page!


  1. love your sketch, Cindy, that uses a lot of photos!

  2. Great sketch! I can see using this for so many things, a party, year-in-review, a sports team season!! TFS!