Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Designer Showcase: Vintage!

What comes to mind when you hear the word vintage? There are many things that come to mind for me. On one hand I think of those heritage photos, but I also think of vintage patterns, vintage florals, and modern vintage arrangements. The contributors did a great job creating vintage projects. I know these will inspire you to capture that "vintage feel" to your future projects.

This first page by our newest contributor, Lesley, is a vintage layout of her grandfather. She created this vintage look with distressing and old ephemera that was the printed tissue paper which she scrunched and inked to age it a bit. Lesley also does some so cool, that I never thought of. She takes a copy of the original and like all my vintage/heritage photos, she places the original behind the matting of the photo to avoid it getting damaged. Great idea!!

This second project is so great for heritage. She used so many cool ephemera items for her page, things so found here and there and other items she created with ink! This is a true treasure.

Check out the color scheme of her layout above.  It reflects the photo of younger persons rather than a dark and heavy page. Don't you love the soft blues and browns and the ribbon ties on the side!

On this layout the burgundy mulberry strip is it actually lifts up the copied photo and the original is behind it. I love this idea as I stated above! The colors and items fit this perfectly!

This last page by Lesley uses those vintage prints and flower which really tie into the photo. With cut out flower and an antique looking alphabet, Lesley created a very nice vintage page.

Vicky created these next three layouts. This first layout captures the real beauty of vintage. With a soft blue and brown along with vintage looking swirlies and butterflies, Vicky captured the mood perfectly!

Vicky's next page using some stunning vintage-like patterned papers and a neat border of two toned flowers to create her page. I really like the color combos of black and a light peach.

On this next layout, Vicky layered all of the gorgeous vintage items neat or underneath her photo. Again the nice color scheme really enhances this page design. Notice those stamps coming out from under the photo, just love that touch!

This framed page by Cathy does a great job of capturing the vintage look. From doilies to old clocks and folded flowers, she does a great job of turning modern photos into a vintage look. She also created a monotone look for her page.

Cathy's card does an amazing job of creating the vintage look. These purple flowers remind me sooo much of my grandma and her bedroom. She loved this exact color and so I instantly vintage. When creating vintage projects remember it ok to use happy colors like this. The ribbon helps tie together that look so well.

Have fun creating your next vintage project!


  1. Beautiful projects! I love the tip about tucking the original photo behind the matted copy.

  2. Ahhh, my favorite style - vintage!!!