Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mist Four Ways

Cindy here!  I'm a big fan of mists.  They are really versatile and so much fun.  Today I'm going to share four of my favorite misting techniques and show how they can all come together to make one awesome tag.  

Using a border punch as a stencil
Punch a piece of scrap cardstock with a border punch (I used Fiskars Scalloped Sentiment) to create a stencil.  Place it over a tag, then spray with the lightest mist color.  Move the stencil and spray with the next darkest color.  Continue 1-3 more times, finishing with the darkest color. 
Misting over an embossed image
Stamp an image and emboss.  (I used Versamark ink and clear embossing powder on chipboard.)  Spray over the embossed image and immediately wipe with a tissue. 

Painting with mist over an embossed image
Stamp an image and emboss.  Spray mist onto a non-stick surface (I use the outside of a used sandwich bag.) or simply remove the cap from the mist.  Use a small paintbrush to paint directly on the non-embossed parts of the image. 


Dyeing ribbon with mist
Place scraps of white ribbon into a ziplock bag.  Spray a small amount of mist into the bag, seal, and massage to spread color evenly.  Remove the ribbon from the bag and lay it on a flat surface to dry (I use the inside of a cardboard box).  

Here's the chipboard tag I created, using mist four different ways.

Try experimenting with a cardstock base (or priming the chipboard with paint first), different ink or embossing powder, and various shades of mist.  The possibilities are endless!


  1. LOVE all the ideas you shared! I can't wait to try them. I don't know I haven't used mist on white ribbon to make the colors I want.

  2. Very good Cindy, love the tag with the layers. Is there a trick to spraying the mist on each alternate layer without it going on to the previous layer of colour, or did you mask?

  3. Cindy, Great ideas for using mist. I have painted over embossed imgaes before but never thought of dying ribbon with it. Super idea!!