Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Special Grandma Page and Sketch

Hi everyone, it's Pam here sharing a page I did recently about my mom and son for the GCD Studios Blog. I always want to remember those special moments and documenting them on paper is just the perfect thing. Here is my page.

I used GCD Studios Sweet Tooth to complete my collection because the color suited the photos so well. I designed my page so each cut out heart would have a border around it with hanging banners. I am also sharing a sketch with you of my page in case you want to use this design. If you like, print out the sketch at full size and cut out heart shapes to make it easier to achieve this look.

Thanks for reading my post, have a great day!! 


  1. Beautiful! I love the soft palette with the B/W.

  2. this looks so lovely.. I come by here a lot, and I just thought this time i would say hi.... and thank you for your wonderful inspiration!