Friday, May 18, 2012

Easy Glitter Butterflies

Hi, Vicky here blogging today with easy tips for creating pretty butterflies.

Supplies needed:

- 3 butterfly cut outs (all the same size) using a "double" punch and/or die that has punched out areas within the butterfly itself - aka "holes" in it (I am using the Martha Stewart double monarch punch)

- White or cream cardstock (1 butterfly cut from this color) and another color of choice (2 butterflies cut from this color)
- A small font script stamp and dark brown ink- Stickles
- very fine tip glitter glue (not distress) in a complementary color to you cardstock choices
- Adhesive half pearls or bling - a complimentary and/or neutral color to your cardstock choices
- wet glue with a fine tip


STEP 1 - Stamp your white/cream butterfly with your script stamp and then glue a colored cardstock butterfly behind it to slightly reveal a color "shadow" at the top of it. Only glue at the centre of the butterfly's body (not the wings)STEP 2 - Glue - the second colored cardstock (again just at the middle) behind the first two layers to slightly reveal a color "shadow" at the bottom of of it.
STEP 3 - Add bling or pearls to the middle and fill on the "holes" with your Stickles. The Stickles will glue the first two layers together but allow you to create dimension on your project by bending the bottom layer back and the top 2 layers forward. Sorry for the shadows but I took the picture in direct sunlight to show you how it shimmers. 
OPTIONAL: use wire for antennas (hint: use the stems from flowers you buy).