Friday, June 1, 2012

What was Missing?

You know when you take photos that you cannot wait to scrapbook. I had a friend take some photos of the three us (my husband, son and I) and I could not wait to scrap it. I had this cool idea to do the title letters in a circles spelling family. Here was the first draft as I call it.

I did really like this page, but what was it missing? At first I thought nothing, but I found myself only starring at the letters on the top which kinda bugged me. I really couldn't figure it out for a few minutes. How was I going to balance this page so I wasn't starring at the "m"? The answer I thought of was sort of odd. I knew I had to add more stuff to my page which was sort of not what I would normally had done. I usually take off items. Here is my new version.

So as you can see the extra items were the top border of paper and the yellow flower. Just adding a bit more contrasting color allowed me to see the photos a little more. It seemed to balance my layout better. Isn't it cool how adding a couple of things changes the page quite a bit?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great hint Pam. I love how you cut the letters out and backed the circles with patterned paper. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Adding the strip did help draw the eyes away from the m.

  3. That really worked perfectly Pam, what a great idea.34 disalan

  4. I love both versions, but the second one is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  5. I agree! That happened for me with a layout recently. And once I added a scalloped punched border, it felt so much better :)
    I agree that both layouts are great, but the second one does totally catch my eye in a different way :)

  6. cute layout! little things can make a big difference! great job!