Friday, August 6, 2010

What Was I Thinking by Linda C.

Picture this........

You are in your local scrapbook store walking around looking at all of the new products that just arrived. You look for your favorites and put your usual stripes, dots, and themed papers in your basket along with adhesives, cardstock, and flowers. You head or the checkout desk. Just as you turn around, you spy the most beautiful papers you have ever seen.

“Oh my gosh!', you declare outloud to yourself and everyone else in the store. Arranged on the display are designer papers in awesome colors with floral patterns, flourishes, birds, butterflies, and journaling boxes. You usually shy away from this type of paper, but these seem to be calling your name. You carefully look at each one trying to decide whetherto purchase some and wondering which ones.

You think, “Do I have photos that will work with these papers?”

Quickly, you put several sheets in your basket. They are just too gorgeous not to buy.

Several weeks later....
You finally get around to putting your latest scrapbook store purchases in their respective storage. Adhesives are put in a drawer, cardstock goes into plastic containers by color, and flowers are placed in glass jars. As you pull the themed papers out of the plastic bag you see that unusual paper that once called your name.

“What am I going to do with this?”, you ask.

Does this sound familiar? If you are like me, sometimes you buy designer paper on impulse and then later wonder how to use it. I want to share with you one way I solve this dilemma.

As you know, Pam has many templates at your disposal on Ideas for Scrapbookers. My suggestion is to take a sheet of designer paper you have difficulty using and look through the templates for one or two that will match the elements on the designer paper. Using the template as your guide, you now know how many photos you can add, where the title can be placed, and whether to add embellishments. All of the difficult work has been done for you, and you get to do the fun part......the actual creating of a layout.

(Linda used the Flourish Template to complete her page. You can download it here.)

(Linda created two pages using the Flourish Template)

Linda Cummings
August 2010



  1. Oh; that BoBunny paper is beautiful. Nice layouts. Love the term "Day Tripper".tfs

  2. I have that problem too but I would wind up hoarding that sheet of paper forever is beautiful!!!

  3. I LOVE paper. I'm the type of person who will go in to buy ONE thing and notice all of the pretty paper. LOL Your layouts both came out fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  4. These page layouts are gorgeous and excellent!!! What a great pick on the DP :o)

  5. Great layouts!! Linda is so awesome.