Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Designer Showcase: What I Did This Summer

Can you believe that school is starting soon or in some places it already started? It seems like the summer flew by! Today I am sharing the contributor's pages about what they did this summer! Check out these great pages!!

Sara created two great summer pages. The first page is about grilling ... which is something I did a lot this summer! The second page is about swimming!

Cathy created this perfect beach page. I feel like I am really there withe beach background!

Nancy created three pages about the summer! The first beautiful page is about her daughter. The second page is about the family's beach adventure. The third page is all about when they got TPed as a swim team tradition!

Heather created two fabulous pages about the summer! The first being about blowing bubbles and the second about a waterpark adventure!

Dolores created this amazing page about her hiking adventures! Check this out!

Here are a couple favorite summer pages that I made (NOTE: on Saturday I will post a template for this first page, "The Beach")!

What kinds of summer adventures have you had? Did you scrapbook them?


  1. Nice layouts. I can't believe how tall Sean is getting. I want to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Hi Pam. Noticed at Scrapbook Challenges that it is your birthday today, so just wanted to drop by and wish you a very "Happy Birthday!!". LOVE your "The Beach" page, it is gorgeous!

  3. oooh really love these!! especially because I love love love the colour combination of Orange and Blue (also brown and blue)!

  4. Gorgeous pages girls! Sara, I love that you scrapped your BBQ grill! Now I want to scrap mine! LOL