Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dress Up Your Chiboard Tutorial by Irit!

Hi everyone!! Today we are going to dress up our brown chipboards in some unusual styles. Yes, we all are experts on doing this - using patterned paper, fabric, ribbons, coloring with inks, stamping on them, using glitter glue, using some embossing inks and powders... But sometimes, I try to find other ways to dress up my brown chipboards and to make them really pretty by giving them some industrial epoxy look . I am going to show you a few ways of doing this. The most important thing is it will cost you cents or nothing- as we are going to use lots of items we already have at home or can buy for close to nothing.

So that's what we need: some pre-made or home die cut brown chipboards, very cheap acrylic paints (even the old ones as we need them to be thick) some 3-D clear glue (it can be your glossy accents or Diamond glaze, but it can be this cheap craft store glue too, your choice) and … here is the best part: dry sand, real sea sand you can pick in your kid's sand box, some re-inkers or this craft shop colored kid's sand, spices (any colors and textures you like, but find some colorful ones), and small beads- just find some very old and useless bracelet. We also need 2 old printed chipboards with great shapes and ugly prints (pieces you will never use as they are), some micro beads we never use and if you have it- some thick embossing powder, kid's glitter and a heat gun.

First of all paint your chips with very light colors and if you want – make some mix with another light color and paint your chips with a real thick layer of paint- you can even use some popsicle stick and not a brush. Remember: we don't use any glue here- so we need the paint to be thick and to catch our embellishments.

After painting a chipboard piece just add your found objects into the paint like I did here,
the Tando Creative anchor chipboard was painted with white and light blue paint and I added this gray sand all over randomly.

The Tando creative cartoon chick was painted with white and yellow paint and I added some small beads all over and a black big wood bead for the eye.

Tim Holtz grungeboard ornament was painted with white and vintage pink acrylics and I added some red, black and white pepper all over it.

And now we'll leave all these pieces to dry for a while and we'll do some make over to these ugly covered chipboards using the sticky back. Here on the printed side – I will never use them as the are. So peel this back off and use the sticky back as your base. The first flower was made with a button as a flower center and lots of red micro beads.

The second flower needs some embossing powder and a heat gun- if you have these- you can do it in a second. As the back of the piece is sticky we don't need any embossing ink or other sticky medium. Just add some black UTEE and heat it with your heat gun, then add some glitter and a vintage button as your glower center.

Now we have 4 very new embellishments that need to be covered with 3-D glue and to sleep overnight. The anchor was left without 3-D glue on it. That's it- we did it all!!
Enjoy them and use them as a focal point on you new card or add to your page or your altered items.

If you find another common non scrappy things to use on you chipboards- tell me about them.



  1. very clever, love the ideas!! Thanks for sharing, I would never have thought to use spices.

  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've never thought to use beads, but now I totally want to! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just want to thank Pam for editing my tutorial and for a chance to post in her great blog