Friday, August 20, 2010

New "Beach" Template!

Hello everyone! I am enjoying a fun weekend with my parents in town! I also wanted to share my new blog before I post the new template. You can now read my personal blog here: . I had resisted for sooo long (like three years) and I now I finally did it :)

Ok, so it's time reveal the new template! I so excited to also share four pages by the contributors using the template. I love how different and unique each take on it is!! First of all let me share the template in the PSD file! You can download the full digital template at this link for digital OR hybrid use! :)

Those who want to use the JPEG version, I am sharing two versions. One with the photos and one without the photos in case you don't want the photos to overlap the title. Here is the full image first. Feel free to use this as a sketch OR print and trace onto your paper!

Here is the template without the photos...

Here is an example of the page I made with it!

Cathy created the next amazing digital page! I LOVE how she used a different word, "coaster", instead of beach! Cathy used lots of fun embellishments to give it that roller coaster fell! What a great idea ;) The kit name that Cathy used for her page is Vintage Carnival by Jennifer Barrette and Sahlin Studios.

Heather decorated her digital page in bright, fun colors. I ADORE how much the photos stand out and how she has buttons on her circles. I also love the brown title! Such a great page :) :)

Dolores created this beachy digital page as well! She did an AMAZING job with using things like shells instead of circle. I love that idea so much! She also used colors the colors from her photos on the page which looks great ;)

Lastly, we have a GORGEOUS page by Nancy! She actually printed out the template and used it that way. I love how the colors match perfectly with the photos! I also love how she used a red title and touches of red around the page! The perfect beach page!

I hope you enjoy the template! If you used it, I would love to see your creation. Send me your page and I will feature it on the blog! Just email me at !


  1. Love Love Love this template!!!!!!! Thank you so so much for sharing this....

  2. Great template. My favorite place is the beach. Thank you :)

  3. I have soooo many beach photos of the grandchildren and this template will be great for them, thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. I love the pages created with that template.

  5. What a fantastic new template and layouts! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  6. It's always so fun to see how different everyone's layouts turn out to be even though we used the same template! Too cool!

  7. So fun to see how everyone's take was so varied. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Thanks for the unique template...the inspiration is awesome! I will use it for a future beach layout, but in the meantime Iused it for a Disney layout. :)

  9. Adorable template! It's going to be fun using it! Thank you! :)