Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Designer Showcase: Stamping

To our readers that are observing Yom Kippur, we wish you an easy fast. Welcome to another Wednesday and edition of Designer Showcase. This week I get to show off some really wonderful stamping examples by the Contributing Artists.

Marlene is sharing this creative page.  I love the use of color on this page.  She kept most of the page black and white, and brought attention to the photo by surrounded it with color.  Marlene used some Amy Tangerine stamps and Staz On Cactus Green inks. I like the way she accentuated the page by running the ink around the edges too.  Another neat thing on this page, Marlene included ephemera from the festival, the ticket stub and check out the tokens in the upper right corner!  By the way, this layout is based on a sketch by a past Contributing Artist here at Ideas For Scrapbookers, Heather Landry.

In this layout by Anupama, she has displayed some neat techniques with stamps.  She used the brick stamp on the what card stock to create a background pattern.  The brick is a great choice. It extends the background of the photo onto her page.  Now check out the birdcage on the left side of the page. Great shadow, isn't it? It's a stamp!  What a clever use of a stamp!

Here some cool stuff to try with your stamps.  Anupama stamped the black frame and the corrugated paper (opposing corners) with a floral stamp. Instead of using inks, she used paints.  This not only added great design and color, but also added texture to her page!

Cindy has another really cool idea for using stamps. She stamped the word "carrot" onto the page for her layout. She then stamped all the other letters onto scraps of paper and laid them out on her page to create the combo title/journaling.  Really adds fun and whimsy to the page.

On this card, Cindy used 3 different stamps in the same brown colored ink to create a cohesive detailed design.  See stamped the background paper to create a pattern. She then stamped the sentiment and added the shape above and below it.

In this first of 2 samples from Lesley, she shows off some subtle stamping to add fine details to your page.  On the right side she stamped in a light shade of green to create some vegetation in addition to that in her photo.  On the opposite side, she used a brighter shade of green to accent the foliage in the photo.  She also stamped the brown ornate designs in the upper corners and the designs along the top to blend with the paper. It really looks like it was part of the paper design.  Lesley has also stamped the tile for her page.  This subtle style of stamping blends well with the papers, colors and photo on this layout.

In her second example, Lesley shows a contrasting style of stamping. On this page her stamping is more dominant and bold.  I love how she has used stamps and pearls to create a border for her page. She also stamped lots of sentiments and words to express her emotions on the page. Lesley kept with black ink on a white background, also accentuating the boldness of this style.  This all comes together with the black and white photo. A lovely page with timeless elegance.

Speaking of timeless, Gael created this amazing layout titled "Timeless".  She has stamped several images on her background. She also stamped and cut out some tags, including the Timeless title and clock behind it.  The ornate frame behind the clock was stamped and embossed with black embossing powder.  Adds such a gorgeous detail to the page.  I like how she has the ribbon threaded through it.  Some other really neat details on this page, the tiny rhinestones work so well with this. They remind me of nail heads or bolts you would find int he iron work of the tower.  I love how Gael repeated photos of the tower, with slightly different zoom levels, really adds a lot of interest. Now on the left side of her page, Gael included some pleated tissue paper that was pre-printed. You could use plain tissue paper and some of your stamps to accomplish the same look.

These are some great ideas for using stamps to add details, texture and design elements to your pages. Hope we've inspired you to go ahead and break out the inks and get stamping!

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  1. I love how diverse all these projects are. So much inspiration!