Friday, September 21, 2012

Special Guest Artist - Cathy Lane

Hello everyone, I have another special guest artist to share with you all! Today I am sharing a post by Cathy Lane who creates some of the most beautiful pages that are generally  in the style of  shabby chic. I love the feeling I get when I see her pages, it reminds me of my childhood and my warm blankets and lace!  I literally sit and scratch my head wondering, "how did she do that?". You can pop on over to her blog to see so much more. Get ready for another wonderful guest artist post by Cathy Lane!

I am a scrap-booking addict of epic proportions. I live in a little sea-side village off the east coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa . I share my life with my hubby and seven dogs and I count myself very lucky to have them. I have a beautiful daughter who is now 24 and whom I am very proud of and love dearly. I am also godmother to little Isabella, my niece whom I also love to bits. Whilst scrapping is my number one hobby, I am also an avid reader and I am happiest when I am at home surrounded by the familiar routine of every-day life.  I am inspired by so many things and I see opportunities everywhere and I don’t think my thirst for knowledge will ever be quenched. I am also very fortunate in that I have made so many friends through the common love of crafting and sharing ideas. 


String Art Tutorial

To start with, decide where you would like to position the string art. Draw two light pencil lines as per the illustration directly on to your paper. 

Make tiny little holes 1cm apart on each line
If you’re doing this for the first time, it helps to number the holes as per the illustration to eliminate confusion.
Thread your needle with the required colour thread (I usually use embroidery thread) and insert your needle into the  back of hole number 12 on the vertical line.
Bring the needle to the front and thread a few beads (3 or 4 will do fine) and then insert needle into hole number 1 on the horizontal line.
Then insert needle from the back into hole number 2 on the horizontal line, bring it to the front, thread another few beads and insert needle into hole number 11 on the vertical line.
Insert needle from the back into hole number 10 on the vertical line, thread beads and insert needle into hole number 3 on the horizontal line.
Insert needle from the back into hole number 4 on the horizontal line, thread beads and insert needle into hole number 9 on the vertical line.
And then you continue in the same pattern: No.8 vertical to number 5 horizontal, number 6 horizontal to 7 vertical,  6 vertical to 7 horizontal, 8 horizontal to 5 vertical, 4 vertical to 9 horizontal, 10 horizontal to 3 vertical, 2 vertical to 11 horizontal, 12 horizontal to 1 vertical. Fasten your thread with tape to the back of the work.
Don’t forget to thread a few beads as you go along.  Once you have completed the string work, you can then adjust the positioning of the beads as and how you would like them to be as they are loose on the thread and can be moved.
Have fun and enjoy!!
Cathy Lane

Thanks so much Cathy for your great tutorial!!


  1. This is awesome - love that tutorial - will definitely give it a try!

  2. How absolutely stunning is this page. Did the string art before but never thought of using beads with the string. Love this!! Thank you Cathy for sharing this tutorial.

  3. Neat! I've done string art like this before, but never on a layout. I think I'll try it on a card. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What a great idea to do string art on a scrapbook page. Thanks for sharing your lovely talent with us Cathy!