Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paris Mini Album

Hi, Gael here today and I’d like to share with you a mini book I created using photos from our time in Paris last year.  I find when we come back from holidays we have 100’s of photos and I find it really daunting knowing where to start and how I can capture the memories and moments we enjoyed before they start to fade and other events take over.  This time I decided I was going to do a mini book on the places we visited.  I also decided to include not only photos of the wonderful places we visited but also photos that aren’t perfect but hold special memories for us. 

I created the album using things in my stash.  The album cover is core board cut to size and then painted and decorated.  The inside pages are mostly the same size but there is a section  where the pages are smaller to add a little more interest to the album.  I specifically decided not to add flowers or too much bulk to the inside pages of the album.
The inside cover (“memories of paris” page) is an envelope to hold some of the tickets and other bits I always collect when we’re traveling.  I did break my rule here and add a flower (it was just too hard for this flower addict not to have just one in the album!!).
Here is how it turned out –

Here is a bit of a look at the inside pages –


  1. Gorgeous! I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed and wanting to get it scrapped when you return home. Great job on this!!

  2. You did a fabulous that you used the pink and black...2 colours I always associate with Paris.

  3. Having seen this album IRL I must say it really is gorgeous, as always photos don't do justice to the finished product, its a really classy piece of work with the cover being a beautiful example of Shabby Chic at its best. great work.