Friday, September 14, 2012

PaperHaus Magazine!

Hey it's Pam here again sharing what one of our previous featured artists has been up to lately! Do you remember a tutorial by Frank Garcia? It was so fabulous and he is up to some brand new! It is super exciting and I am so happy for him!! He on is one of the founders/editor-in-chief of a brand new magazine called PaperHaus.. and wait until you see this magazine, you will love it! I really enjoyed the variety of projects in it's content.  There is a really fun sketch, step by sketch projects, color hues to use, and soo much more. Here is a direct link to magazine. And it's free :)
Here is a sneak of the beautiful cover!

 You can also visit their blog where you can get even more ideas and stay up to date on what's going on. Here is the link. Please let them know that IFS sent you if you leave a comment.

I have also done a fun interview with Frank! So let's get to know the person behind the magazine!

1. Hi Frank, it's great to have you back at IFS, tell us about what you have been up to and what your magazine is all about.
Hi Pam, it is great to be back at IFS. I have really been out learning a lot about this amazing craft we call scrapbooking. it is truly a vast craft with so much to see and learn. I really grew passionate for it, have just realized my dream of being on the Prima Design Team as a Guest, as well as being published on their magazine "My Prima Place". PaperHaus Magazine is a magazine that is all about finding and embracing your scrapbooking style. We believe that scrapbooking is an art-form, and every paper crafter's dream. We believe that we are all part of one HAUS, and that house is open to everyone. PaperHaus Magazine is a quarterly publication that strives to inspire, and motivate every single scrapbooker, mixed media artist and crafter out there.

2. What was your inspiration behind PaperHaus? What motivated you to start up this magazine? 
Well, I think my main inspiration is seeing the many and countless styles out there that people have. Everyone has a different style, but what really motivated me to start up the magazine was seeing friends who were still uncomfortable with their own style or were still finding themselves. I believe this magazine caters to all levels and styles and those seeking their own will find comfort in knowing they can certainly be inspired and even find their own unique scrapbooking style.

3. What are your favorite features about the magazine? What things are unique to your publication? 
My favorite feature is the gallery, here we showcase different projects and layouts people submit to us for publication. It really gives you an overview of the different way people scrapbook, and how they choose to preserve their memories. I think we are unique in many ways. Like I mentioned before, we cater to many styles, but we also like to have unique articles such as honest product reviews in HausReview, color themed projects in PaperHues,  and having a special section for a featured artist who really has a groundbreaking style.

4. What is the best part about PaperHaus to you? 
To me, PaperHaus means so much more than just a magazine. It's a dream. Our tag line says "a scrapbooker's dream" and really that is what it's all about. We all love creating, preserving memories in one way or another, but it really is the dream of everyone to find their own artistic calling, their own style and unique presence that makes each and every crafter out there unique. We are here to make that happen for everyone, and we hope that when people turn page by page they feel inspired and follow their dreams wherever that might take them.

5. How can readers get involved with your magazine? Do you take submissions? 
Certainly! We are now accepting submissions for our Winter 2012 issue of the magazine, those interested can go to our submissions section of our blog to read about the current themes and projects we are looking for as well as the guidelines for submission. We are also hosting a Design Team search, and that can be found on our blog as well, the deadline to apply is September 14th.

I would like to thank Pam for allowing me to share this amazing endeavor with all of you. I have been a long time admirer of IFS and I hope you all get a chance to check out our magazine!

I hope you will hop on over there and check out out, have a great day everyone!!
(I am getting no compensation for featuring this magazine, I just love the new magazine and am proud of Frank!)


  1. TFS the magazine link, Pam! Loved browsing through it.

  2. I'm definitely a fan! What is the deadline for submissions? I don't see it on your site.

  3. Hi Cindy, the deadline is November 10! We are excited to see your submission! Thank You!