Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Designer Showcase: Camping

Happy Wednesday!  It's Cathy here to share this weeks Designer Showcase.  Our theme this week is camping.  Many families spend their vacation time camping, some squeeze in a camping trip on weekends.  When my boys were younger, we would camp out in the back yard. Sometimes even in the living room when it was too rainy.  Whether it's a full blown camping vacation, or a night spent in a homemade fort in the family room, there's always fun memories to capture when you've been camping. So make up a batch of  S'mores and let's take a look at some of the pages that the Contributing Artists have shared.

Cindy gets us started with this amazing 2-pager.  By keeping her embellishments to a minimum, she is able to fit 12 photos on her layout.  I love the way she journaled right down the middle of the page!  The color choices that she made really fit with the woodsy feel of camping.  Cindy used a stamp to create the background. Great way to add interest to cardstock.

In this second page that Cindy shares with us, she really took a different perspective.  She turned the camera over to her son who was 4 years old at the time.  Check out the things that he took photos of and the angles that he got. Very different than we adults might do.  Cindy cropped the photos all to the same size and was able to fit 16 on her page, along with a title and journaling below.  I love this idea of capturing the memories from your child's eyes.

Marlene created this beautiful 2-pager.  Her blocking of the papers and photos adds so much detail to the page. I really like that she included different papers along the top and side, yet continued the pattern of the cars across the bottom of the page. It really gives the feeling of motion, especially with the large photo of the road on the right.  I also like the matting of red and little touches of red in the papers and embellishments, it really brings out the color of the trees.  Those gorgeous pine cones were created by Marlene. She cut them from wood veneer using the Cricut. Then she wood burned them to add the shadowing detail.  How creative!

This awesome layout is by Nancy.  The first thing that grabbed me was how her design pulled me right through the various photos on the 2 pages, as if I was hiking along with them.  A few things that give the layout that flow and sense of motion are the paper hinge pointing in from the left side and the zig-zag paper running across the 2 pages. Those zigs and zags also give the feeling of a mountain range.  The large yellow matting under the center photo really makes it shine.  Looks like it was a perfect day for a hike.

Gael shares this beautiful page with us.  There is so much detail on the page that I could see this framed on a wall to enjoy.  Gael created a wonderful vine of flowers and foliage that creates a 3/4 frame around her photo. It makes it feel as if the environment of the photo has grown out on to the page.  She balances it with the floral border punch and title area on the left side.  Another little detail to take note of is how she has included some extra word art in with the title, very clever.

I hope you've enjoyed taking this little camping trip with us.


  1. Awesome layouts! Camping might just be my very favorite thing to scrap.

  2. These LOs look amazing, especially the double-pagers!

  3. Love the "This is Camping" layout. I can see that format used with alot of topics.
    This is Nascar
    This is Teaching
    This is archery
    This is Dance

    endless ideas!