Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Storyboard Layout

Hello, this is Anupama Choudary and I have a fun tutorial on how to create a story board layout. I clicked tons of pictures one afternoon when my kids were playing with an empty XL carton. I got some interesting shots but did not know how to present them on a page in an interesting way. 
My husband is an actor and I have always been fascinated by the concept of storyboarding. A Storyboard is a series of still images displayed in sequence with a rough dialogue to test if they are working effectively together. They are used mostly in motion pictures and animation. An example of a Spaghetti Western storyboard is - 

I built up a sequence of the pictures to tell a Knock-Knock joke on my page-

Often storyboards include dialogues and arrows that indicate movement. I used the same idea to unfold the events on my page. 
I improvised the Knock-Knock joke to fit in with the pictures on my layout.

Once I had replicated my storyboard on my scrapbook page, I added the finishing touches and embellishments to enhance it.

Hope this post sparks off ideas to create your own storyboard layouts. Happy Scrapping!


  1. That is so creative! What a great idea for a layout. LOVE it!

  2. I really like your idea, and your page turned out great !! I will have to remember this so I can use it someday. Thanks for sharing !!

  3. WOW, I love the way you layered the photos and then used the bright arrows to show the direction

  4. you have beautiful mind and brilliant niceeee