Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Designer Showcase: Awwwww!

This week we are going to have you saying "Awwwww!"  Our theme this week is pages that make you go awwww!  Cathy here for another Designer Showcase. So sit back and be prepared to be awwwed as we take the cuteness factor up a notch.

OK a bunny is going to make you go "awww", but even more so, is a sleeping bunny resting comfortably under the piano with toys about him!  This is so cute. Cindy shares this page about their pet "Trouble" (yeah, eve the bunny's name makes you go "awww").  Trouble didn't sleep around them for quite some time. Cindy was really happy to capture this peaceful bunny moment.

What do you do with those pictures that you didn't scrap? Cindy had a box full. She went through them and found all these great pictures of her son's smile.  She used a squared punch to create equal sized photos and made this awesome page with lots of cuteness.  What a great way to remember a child's smile over the years.

There is so much on this page to get you "aww-ing".  Dogs and puppies will do it anytime, but add birthday party hats and the cuteness skyrockets!  I'm wondering how long it took for Marlene to get this perfect photo of her dog's birthday party.  The cuteness is accentuated by the darling little puppy die cut, and the adorable title. "Party Animals".  How cute!!!!

Pam captured some really amazing photos of some cute birds on her page. She included the great expression on her son's face and lots of cute embellishments.  This page is so colorful, bright and cheery, it has me saying "awww, wow!"

Check out the photos on this page by Pam.  I can hear you all saying "awww, what a cute puppy!" I love the way she included more than one photo of that adorable face, so we can see how cute it is from any angle.  Then the title is even done in a super cute way. She made her title like a banner with buttons holding up the work "cuteness". The polka dot paper just takes the cuteness over the edge!

I hope you've enjoyed "aww-ing" over these adorable creations this week!


  1. Awww! So many beautiful layouts! What a great topic for a Designer Showcase.