Monday, March 4, 2013

Embossing the backing paper off the Prima Tree

Hi, it’s Gael here again and this week I would like to show you how I used the backing paper off the Prima felt tree on this layout.

I had recently used the Prima felt tree on a layout and thought the backing paper would make a great mask so I kept the white backing paper with that thought in mind.

Like a lot of my ideas, I don’t always go with my first thought.  When I was creating this layout I decided I wanted to add a tree and instead of using the backing paper as a mask I tried embossing the white backing paper.  I covered the backing paper with the embossing ink and then sprinkled brown and green embossing powder onto it.  When I had enough powder to cover it I then heated it with the heat gun.  Lastly I covered it with Modge Podge to seal it.  When I stuck the tree onto the layout I added some stippling with green paint to blend it all into the background a bit more.

I’ll certainly be looking at my embellishments for other opportunities to try this technique again. 

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  1. Gael - this is really cool! You have such a creative mind. Love that you recycled too. I especially love that you shared that you ended up doing something different than you initially planned. It makes me feel better about how often this happens to me!