Monday, March 11, 2013

Tile Coasters

Looking for a quick, easy, but personalized project that you can do as a gift? Or maybe to help spruce up your own home?  Try making some tile coasters using your digital or traditional paper crafting supplies.

Hey there! It's Cathy here, I'm going to share a tutorial for making tile coasters. Now, I made these back in the Fall to give as a Christmas gift. So I'm using some holiday motifs on mine. You can use anything that you like. You could make a set for everyday use or a set for various holidays, or maybe themed for using when celebrating a birthday.  

You can pick up the tiles at any home improvement store. You might even have some lying around from a leftover home project. Stock up on a few and you can make several sets at once. The only hard part will be picking out which ones to give and which ones to keep!

Supplies you will need:
Decoupage adhesive
Decoupage sealer (optional)
Scrapbook paper (digital or traditional)
4"x4" Square Ceramic or Stone Tiles
Bristle paint brush
** If using digital scrapbook kit you'll also need:
Photo editing software
Inkjet paper 

I used Beacon Adhesive Fast Finish Decoupage and Decoupage Glass Sealer for this. You could also use Mod Podge or your favorite brand of decoupage medium.

1. Clean square tiles using a damp cloth. Allow to dry completely.
2. Select elements or paper to use.  If using digital scrapbook kit, resize them to fit on tile, if necessary, in photo editing software. Print.  
3. Cut out the elements, or trim the paper to fit on the tile. Cut the papers slightly smaller than the tile.

4. Using slightly damp bristle brush, apply a coat of decoupage medium to tile. 

5. While decoupage medium is still wet, adhere cut out element/paper to tile. Smooth over surface to remove any bubbles.
6. Apply thin coat of decoupage medium over top of element/paper on tile using bristle brush. Allow to dry.

7. Apply additional 2-3 coats of decoupage medium to tile and allow to dry thoroughly between coats.
8. Protect the work surface with a craft mat or waxed paper. Spray decoupaged tile with gloss sealer to seal. Hold bottle about 6 inches from tile and spray top coat. Allow to dry. (Optional)
9. Cut felt to fit the bottom of the tile. And adhere.  

10. Wrap them up in a pretty bow for gift giving.

Here are the supplies that I used: 
Digital Kit: "Penguin Pals Digital Kit Bundle" by Paper Garden Projects
Paper: Epson Premium Presentation Matte
Adhesive: Beacon Adhesives 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue, Decoupage Gloss Sealer, Fast Finish Decoupage Glue

The tiles were left over from a home improvement project that we did. If you have some, this is a great way to "upcycle" them.

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