Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just Paper/Stamps from my Stash

Hi it's Lesley here. I spotted a 'Close to the Heart' design that I liked and have based this layout on that.  The way I have done it is by using what I had in my stash, including digging out all my very old 'flower' stamps and cut around them rather than buying embellishments.  I even made the bow from a template I created myself and have included the dimensions for that in case you are interested in doing the same.  I loved the idea of the paper bow because it means I no longer have to worry about searching for matching ribbon.  To finish it off and keep the page free of added embellishment, I added Glossy Accents to the stamped flowers, and used Distress Markers along the outside edges of coloured paper strips.

A close up picture of the finished bow

The dimensions for creating the bow template are:
Cut a shape which measures, 4 1/2 cm across the middle, continue along keeping it at that depth for 7cm, then taper down till the end measurement is only 2cm.
The easiest way to do this is to draw a straight line downways on your paper which measures 4 1/2cm, then through the centre of that I drew another line which measured 14cm (7cm each side of centre). At the outside ends on the 14cm line I then drew a line which measured 1cm above and 1cm below end of the line.  That gives you your guide to taper down to the 2 ends which measure 2cm each.

Cut out around outside line and fold over in the middle which is the widest part.  You make 2 of these with the most narrow parts joining together in the centre as shown in following pictures.
 The centre strip measures 3cm across and 6cm down.  place this (printed side down) on table, then sit the 2 folded pieces with narrow part's touching each other, down on the centre of this strip and glue them to bottom strip as shown is attached picture.  Fold the edges of small strip over each other and again, glue in place.  Your bow when turned over, should look like the following picture.

All that's left to do then is to cut your 2 strips to form the tags of the bow.  These, like the bow, can of course be any measurement you wish depending on the size of the finished bow you desire, but my measurements for this particular one are: 1cm across the top part that sits under the bow, tapering out to 2cm at the end when you cut your V shape out, and the total length is 8cm.  

That is it, I do apologise for my lack of a template but hope the 'old style' measurement system helps you create your bow.

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