Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Designer Showcase: Washi Tape

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Today's Designer Showcase might be a bit of a sticky topic. We're talking about Washi Tape!  Fun stuff to play with. If you haven't yet found this stuff, it's a low tack often translucent tape with colors, patterns and designs on it.  It makes for some very easy, and creative ways to add color, texture and heighten your design. I'm starting to see more of it showing up in hobby stores in the area.

Here is an amazing page designed by Marlene. She used some washi tape to add accent to the die cut border. When I first saw this page, I instantly fell in love. There is so much texture and shape to it. The paint,  inks, and stains are all so fun and add a great deal of masculine touch to the layout.  Check out how Marlene used so many shapes through her combination of patterned papers. It all makes this page a treat to behold.

Sarah used some tapes on this Daddy and Me page that she created. She used Tim Holtz tissue tape. You can see it behind the page title. She also used some tape to "hold down" her photo. Another great use for tape on a page.  Giving the tape a crumpled appearance helps to grunge up the page a bit and adds little shadows of interest.

This adorable card was designed by Cindy. There is so much to love on here.  The tape adds the really cute polka dot elements.  She also used it as a visual barrier and dividing point for the color block changes. I just love this design idea.  It really makes the card classy and sophisticated.

I have only recently gotten my hands on some washi tapes.  But already I can see so many great ideas for using them. Here is a truly, simple quick craft that you can do with your kids to dress up the house.  I simply wrapped the washi tape around some tea light candles.  It took about 30 seconds and now they look dressy enough to sit out on their own. Or add them to a glass votive for an even dressier look.

Gael has crafted this exquisite page using some washi tape in a unique way.  She has the herringbone tape as a border on either side of the photo and as the bow at the top! Isn't that adorable?  But that's not all!  She also used a green washi tape pleated across the middle and to cover the center (smallest) heart. And... yes there's more, she used a black alphabet washi tape to create her title! Wow!

Out in blog-land, I found some more great ideas for using washi tape that I thought I'd share here.

This is a composition book with washi tape run down the edge of the pages.  Easy way to dress up a journal.    I found this on the blog  

These are some pebble magnets made with washi tape on the back of them. You can see the tutorial on the blog Ishatar Olivera.

When I found this, I thought I'd hit the mother-load!! 100 ways to use washi tape!  This is on the blog  A Night Owl.  There are links to each of the 100 projects found on various blogs.


  1. I LOVE the idea of washi tape around tea lights! It is so pretty and so festive. And EASY!

  2. I really need to go buy some washi tape! I love the way it looks around the tea light candles!