Friday, February 15, 2013

Gift Card Holders

Cindy here, with a little tip for when you scrap about restaurants, stores, and other businesses.  When you make your purchase, check to see if they have any gift card holders.  Many businesses have them and are happy to give you one, even if you don't buy a gift card.

This layout is about one of my favorite fall traditions- taking my son to Baskin-Robbins in October for their Flavor of the Month, Trick-OREO-Treat. Check out the logo in the top left corner.  It came from a gift card holder.  I just cut it out and glued it on.  It's probably not acid-free, but since it's not touching any pictures, that doesn't bother me.  

Based on a sketch by Shannon White.

Have any of you used gift card holders on your layouts?  I'd love to see other examples!



  1. Love this page, nice use of open space and I love using souveniers for titles and you've done a nice job.

  2. I love that tip!!! I did that with a layout documenting my youngest's first Happy Meal, but I didn't use a gift card holder I actually asked for a new clean fry baggie from the kids meals! They looked at me like I was nuts, but it sure turned out to be a cute touch. And like you I clustered it up to the side so it wouldn't interfere with the acid free zone around the photo!! :)