Monday, June 4, 2012

Versatile Sketch and Layout

Hey everyone! It's Pam again!

I love GCD Studios as their products are so easy to work with.  I am lucky enough to get to create sketches for their site and magazine. If  you haven't seen the magazine called PaperCut,you need to check it out. It is free, online, and LOADED with ideas. Here is the link.
You can also see it here:

This month I created a fun vertical sketch for four photos. My task for the magazine was to "flip it". Here is original sketch.

On my page, I flipped it 90 degrees to the left. You can can see that I used the same general design except for I added a file folder background and changed up the title and journaling. That is what I love about sketches. You can change so much from an original idea! Here is a design tip for my page: don't be afraid to use lots of bright color and patterns with brightly colored photos. As long as you separate them a bit, you will see they actually bring out he colors in each photo.

Hope you like this sketch and are able to use it!


  1. Love the sketch and the way you flipped it!! I may have to give your flipped version a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a neat sketch! I've saved me a copy and may even do a LO from it today. Not sure which way I'll use it, but your flipped version is really neat.

  3. great sketch. love the colors in your project.

  4. Great, versatile sketch and awesome LO! I always love the way you use color.

  5. A very versatile sketch!! Brilliant page too!