Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Organized

Hi everyone, Nancy here today to share with you a bit how I have been organizing my supplies.  A few weeks ago I decided to get organized with my Distress Inks, stains and paints.  I bought a new case and lots of foam applicators.
When moving all my Distress Inks into the case, I realized that I don't even really know what half the colors are (other than the, brown, pink).  So, I decided to make myself a little swatch book.
I stamped with each color, inked one edge with a foam applicator and the bottom edge straight from the ink pad.  This allowed me to see the different intensities available with each color.  Then, if I had the crackle paint or stain I added a bit of that to the top.  A few colors I even had the Distress Stickles for so I added those as well.  Now I know exactly what colors I have and what they look like (and what colors I still need...hee hee).  I am really hoping this helps me not buy any more duplicates and reminds me to use all the colors I have.

I hope this helps you get more organized.  I think my mists are next.




  1. oh nancy can u please come and help me do my organising? i have lots of stash and lil room,
    jo xxx

    ps stamping an fave.

  2. Good idea to add the stain and paint to the same tag!