Monday, April 2, 2012

Using 6 x 6 Papers

Most of the big scrapbook paper companies produce 6 x 6 paper pads.  The patterns duplicate their larger 12 x  12 cousins.   I am fascinated by the smaller design and have been exploring ways to use them.

The first example was done by my friend Shannon Miller.  She used full 6 x 6 papers to make a blocked background for her page.  The strip across the middle is actually two pieces that have been carefully aligned to appear as a single piece.  A photo or embellishment can also be used to disguise the seam.  This is an outstanding design and great use of the mini patterns.

I love to use the different sizes next to each other to create contrast.  The next page uses the small print next to the larger version to show the contrast of the sizes.  The punched flowers are done that way as well.

Here is another example, this is a photo of my grandparents so I was going for a vintage feel to go with the picture.

Finally, a couple of cards.  The small print works well with the smaller canvas of a card.  The first uses a template by Sara ( from IFS.  I think it worked well with a side by side, large and small. 

The second card uses the larger print in the glasses to make the background appear to magnify the pretty paper.  I added some gold glimmer chalk to deepen the lenses and provide more contrast.

For me, working with new products is a lot of fun.  I think these mini prints will find a way into my permanent repertoire.   Give them a try!


  1. Very nice! I keep hoping manufacturers will offer the small scale of 6x6 designs on a 12x12 size. That would be ideal for me.

  2. It is not too obvious, however the 12x12 report for scrapbook webpages and 6x6 report shields for greeting cards creators is what got them there.

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