Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Designer Showcase: Pregnancy

Welcome back to another Wednesday, which means Designer Showcase time. It's Cathy here to share the wonderful inspiration form our artistic team.  Last week we brought you inspiration for Weddings.  This week we are sharing Pregnancy projects!  Do you see a trend here?  Can you guess what next week's Showcase will be?  Keep reading and you'll find out!

So you've just found out about the pregnancy of some one special.... why not make a card to celebrate their BIG news?  Nancy made this very creative card for just this reason.  Isn't that so cute how she used the silhouette of the pregnant woman as the "i" in big?  Love it!!  That soft lace is a wonderful touch too!

Here's another card to help celebrate.  I made this one for my niece and her husband. I kept the card simple and used the pink and blue colors to support the congratulations!  We will be finding out "pink" or "blue" this weekend when we cut into their gender-reveal cake!

Being pregnant is a lot of work. All those changes on your body and taking care of two!  Sometimes you just want a break!  But as Marlene reminds us in this page she created, you'd better be "careful what you wish for". She recorded the slip and fall and broken arm that ended up!  I love the "cast" that she created as part of her title!!  So clever!!!  Take a look at those offset frames and mats behind her photo and journaling. Great way to add extra dimension, shape and detail to a page.

Vicky has created this very beautiful page from her pregnancy. There are so many symbolic elements to the page. The swirling flourish that encircles the photo like the love and hugs of family. The sweet bird cage hidden behind the paper, just like the little baby that will soon be joining this family.  The treatment that she gave to the top paper even makes me thinking of the way a family changes and grows as a new baby comes along.  Everything on this page, and most especially her precious photo, really does show that pregnancy is a special family time!

This two pager is by Cindy. What an amazing project!  She captured photos along the way of her pregnancy starting at week 21.  She even wore the same clothes to help make her page consistent. Great pre-planning of a scrap page!  Cindy also included journaling on the side. One of the things she listed is what size the baby was, such a great idea! I really like the week markers that she placed under each photo. This is such a wonderful way to look back and remember how her pregnancy progressed!

Lots of inspiration here for how to celebrate and record a pregnancy. We hope that you have fun doing so. Don't forget that we love to see your projects, if you'd like to share them with us, just mail them to the address on the left side bar.

So, have you guessed what next weeks Designer Showcase will be?  If you guessed "newborns", you are correct!  Hope to see you again next week when we share baby projects!!


  1. I love those beautiful cards! Most shower/pregnancy cards have baby images- I love that both of you focused on the woman.

    Love the layouts too! This was a fun topic.

  2. Wow, wonderful inspiration. I am going to copy your blue/pink card (with the word Congratulations running vertical). I'll give you credit...thanks.