Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Make your own Rick Rack Flower!

Hi, Dolores here today to share with you an easy rick rack flower.  You can get rick rack almost anywhere and it comes in so many pretty colors that it is a perfect supply for crafting.  Here is what I am using today to make our flower.

1) Two 26" lengths of Wright's Turquoise rick rack that is 5/8 of an inch wide.
2)  Hot glue gun.  You can certainly substitute you favorite quick drying glue or low heat glue gun.

To get started we are going to twist the two lengths of rick rack together.  You will need to glue the ends of the two separate rick rack lengths together when you start so your twist doesn't come undone.

Keep twisting the two lengths together until the two pieces of rick rack are one twisted length.  Glue the ends together. Your finished twisted length is going to try to untwist and may look a bit odd but don't worry we will straighten out those twists when we create our flower.
To begin our flower we are going to take one end, fold our cut edges inside and glue. Then slightly roll the end into a small bud.  Put a dot of glue to keep your bud secure.
Now start wrapping the rick rack around your bud adding dots of glue along the way.
When placing your glue dots try to keep them on the lower half of the twisted ribbon.  See where my glue gun is pointing in the picture above.
Keep rolling and gluing the rick rack.  Your flower should look something like the picture above.  All our petals are curling in right now.
When you get close to the end pull approximately an inch of the twisted end to the back side of your flower and glue in place.  See how I tried to pull the end to a smooth flat spot.
The top side of your flower should look like this.  When the glue is completely dry, start of the outer most part of the flower and fold the petals back.  Work your way towards the center.  A few rounds of the petals should stay folded inward to make the center of the flower.  Here are some finished examples.
The flower we made today is on the lower left; it is about 2" across.  The width of your rick rack and the length of the strips determine the look and size of your flower.  The wider the rick rack the more width to your petals.  Also pay attention to the bulk of the rick rack.  Wright's rick rack has nice bulk and holds the flower shape well.  Thinner, less bulky rick rack will produce a smaller flower like the pink one above make with 1/2 " rick rack.

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Que bonitas me ha encantado la flor y el tutorial, no pense nunca que con la cinta de zic-zac se pudiera hacer una flor, bsssss

  2. Dolores! I absolutely love this idea! Thank you for sharing it here!!!!

  3. I really need to try this. Thanks for showing me how to do this.