Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Polaroid Tutorial!

Happy Monday, everyone.  Sheila here with a super fast Polaroid tutorial! 
I love the look of Polaroids, because I actually used them.  For real.  The first time they came out.
So now, they seem to be all the rage again.  I was lucky enough to score a non-working Polaroid recently at an auction, which I spray painted and now display in my craft room.

 Love how that looks...before it became a work of art :) I emptied all the film out.
Having this was amazing, because I had the real measurements of a Polaroid photo.
And that is really all this tutorial is---measurements.

SO you will need a picture, some white cardstock, a ruler, a trimmer, and it really helps if you have one of those cutting mats with measured squares on them.
Step one is to trim the photo you want to use.  The REAL measurement is3 1/8 inches.  But that 1/8 irritated me, so I trimmed my photo to a 3X3 square.

Then, place your 3 x 3 photo in the corner of your cardstock.  The measurement around the photo is 1/4 " white, so that is EASY.  The reason I like the cutting mat is that is divided into quarter inches, so I am able to position my photo just right.

Now, glue that baby down. Trim the cardstock on the other side of your photo to 1/4 ".   The bottom of a Polaroid, of course,  is much wider than 1/4 inch, which gives it its distinct look.  Instead of measuring that bottom, I just took a side measurement.  A Polaroid is 4 1/4" long.  Measure and make that cut with your trimmer.
And there you have it!   SO much easier to put your photo on top of the cardstock than to try to make a little window to put your picture behind (which is what this woman of little brain tried to do first).

So remember:
Picture:  3 1/8"
1/4" of white cardstock border on three sides
Side length of the cardstock:  4 1/4"

As an added bonus, these look great with the vintage look photos everyone is printing from instagram :)

Here is a layout I recently did with Polaroids...

My husband was out in the driveway pitching to my daughter IN THE SNOW!  I hope you give this trend a try----it is really easy and FUN!

Thanks for stopping by today:)

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  1. Sheila, this post is amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE the look of Polaroids! You have really inspired me!! And I love your layout, too!

  2. You have inspired me too! This is first class smarts. TFS! xo, Marian