Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun with Watercolor Pencils

The new trend of being "artsy" on a page is feared by some, embraced by others.  I am definitely liking it, but I can see why it is intimidating to get messy.  One way I have found to exhibit more control while being arty is to use watercolor paints, and especially watercolor pencils.
When working with watercolors, I like to use watercolor paper, which is thicker than card stock. I have used it directly on my layouts, too. You can find it at any craft store.  I purchased my watercolor pencils at a local university's bookstore, but these are are also readily available at any craft store.

You simply color lightly on the paper...

Then you dip a brush in water and "paint" the water over where you colored.  See how it changes and looks like paint?

What I love about this is that I can do it mindlessly while I am watching TV, and then use it later in my scrapping.  Below is a sheet that I have colored, painted, and let dry.
 Then it's break out the stencils time!  I love how black marker and ink look on watercolored paper.

After you are done stenciling to your heart's content, fussy cut your letters or shapes.  Then, you can even stamp a pattern on them, like I did below:

 Below are some fussy cut stamped images:

So I haven't used any of these shapes in a layout YET, but I know I will soon.  Not long ago, I did a blog post for IFS about using the rainbow trend on your layout.  Below is a closeup of my embellishments---the red, orange, and yellow hearts were made with watercolor pencils, using the same technique I described above.  The only difference is I used a heart punch.

So if you sort of afraid to get messy and artsy, but at the same time you sort of want to try it...watercolor pencils are a must have!  Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you give this indispensable tool a try!

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  1. Hola bonita entrada y muy instructiva, yo tengo lapices acuerables y no los utilizos y ahora que he visto tu entrada ya se lo que hacer, gracias por este tutorial y copartirlo, bsssss

  2. I don't play with my watercolor pencils nearly enough. And I've never cut letters from a page like that - they look fabulous! Thanks for the push to use these to try new things!

  3. I have a set of watercolor pencils that I have never used. This project and your examples make me want to try to play with them!! Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Awesome tips, Sheila! Thank you for the push past my comfort zone!

  5. What an interesting technique! I love the way it looks on the embellishments.

  6. This is great! I've seen so many people using these with art journals and stamping. I think I might need to get a set! :) Thanks for making it look so easy!