Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Designer Showcase: Focus on one color

It's Wednesday, my how time flies. Pam with you today for another designer showcase... this time pages and projects focusing on one color. It doesn't have to be monochromatic or just one color (it can be those things if you like), but rather focusing on a certain color within a layout. How many times have you been tempted to just create a page with mostly one color, but see lots of patterned papers that would fit too? Here is your inspiration for going with one main color!

Lesley created this wonderful page based on the color lavender. Don't you love how this makes the photos pop even more. Hand cut flowers add so much pretty dimension here. This layout is special because it was treasured and looked at on a dresser at hospice before a family member passed away.
BRIGHT IDEA #1: Add a white (or light) paper pleated frame around your photo to emphasize the photo even more!!

Sharon created this next page. She really did a great job with pinks and dark pinks. They match the photo colors well and the scallop shapes match the balloon shapes (cool huh). Love this. She used pink because they were participating in the Women's 5K classic.
BRIGHT IDEA #2: Add touches of brown to your pink page to really add definition. Check out those adorable flowers and border!

Here is Gael's page focusing on one color. She used mostly white here with a white title backed with black. This is just like the title... gorgeous. The amount of detailing and lace just emphasizes how much she loved this photo.
BRIGHT IDEA #3: Take one light color from the photo and put it on the page. That small amount of yellow from the flower is GREAT! It draws your eyes right to the accented color!

Here is a very pretty card by Tanya. What I love about this is the softness of the buttercream color along with some lavender! Dress up your card with a couple of brads.
BRIGHT IDEA #4: Add a white border around your main color along with a light accent to your card. This will really focus in on that main color of your card.

Here are two gorgeous pages pages by Sarah. In this sweet puppy page, you can see Sarah chose to focus on browns. This is especially cute because it matches the dog's coloring. I just love those flowers accented on this page. Don't you just want to say "awwww"?
BRIGHT IDEA #5: Add a banner to your page that is the same color as the main color. Look at how cool that looks, especially with two rows!!
Here is Sarah's second page. You can see this focusing on a red tones. There is so much cool stuff to look at on this!! All of the doilies and lace, makes for a perfect wedding page.
BRIGHT IDEA #6: If you are focusing on red, you will see how good this page looks with some soft orange! I wouldn't think to add it but I just love this look.

Sheila created our next page. You can see it is focusing on gorgeous oranges! Her scalloped border is just perfect with those accented flowers. They frame the photo perfectly. :)
BRIGHT IDEA #7: Use a black and white photo and see your photo pop right off the page. Orange looks SO good with black and white!

I hope you like our designer showcase this week! Do you have any focus on one color pages? If so send 'em to and I will featured them!!

Cathy Dippolito
Dolores Schaeffer
Cindy deRosier
Marlene Murphy
Lesley Walker
Gael Spence
Sarah Routledge
Sharon Fritchman
Tanya Ham
Sheila Burns
Pam Callaghan


  1. Wow! These are all wonderful! I love all if the monochromatic layouts!

  2. Very nice! I love all the Bright Ideas - seven great suggestions that are easy to try.

  3. Gorgeous stuff, ladies! I like the bright ideas aspect too :)

  4. Beautiful monochrome techniques. Hugs, Kathy